Chandigarh, 6th September, 2017 (Pooja Goyal):

It has come to notice that many complaints are received from the allottees/occupants regarding the misuse/illegal constructions carried out by their neighbors. In many cases, such complaints are merely filed in order to harass the other parties, due to personal animosity. Such frivolous complaints not only lead to undue harassment of the general public but also waste the time and efforts of the officers of CHB.

Keeping in view the undue harassment of the general public, it has been decided that in future whenever such a complaint is made, orally or on telephone, the said complainant should submit the complaint, in writing, along with supporting documents regarding misuse/illegal construction and an affidavit affirming that the said complaint is true and correct in all respect and nothing has been concealed therein. Cases of frivolous complaints will be dealt with by taking action against such complainant, including imposition of a fine.


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