Pooja Goyal

Chandigarh 13 March :

After spreading happiness in the homes of many needy peoples, philanthropist Vinay Arora, a veritable godfather, is ready to begin his career in Bollywood with film “Jee Le Zara” as a Producer and Director.

Chandigarh’s Youth Icon Vinay Arora, has seen a lot of ups and downs in his career. He worked and paid for his education, on his own, making sure no stone was left unturned in ‘doing the best’. With an innocent smile, a soft-balanced but strong voice and a persona that is full of humility, is one’s life that can inspire anyone and everyone. This was lucky for him as he got a wider outlook and instilled in values of good being and humanity from the very start.

He is one man who only cares about change as he believes his success mantra to be “Direction is more important than speed.” Now, he just changes his direction to the bollywood industry and begins his career with a Bollywood drama Titled “Jee Le Zara”. Vinay Arora believes that only Bollywood can convey his voice and his personal feelings to as many people as possible. The Film is conceptualized on the “life of men” that is considered to be guaranteed. As all knows that now days in Bollywood Industry every Directors and Producers are only focusing on “women oriented film” and visualize the struggling life of the women. As a Producer and Director in this film, Vinay Arora showcases the ‘life of a man’ and depicts the struggling life of common man in today’s era. Many of such struggling men’s lives are shown in this film with his innovative direction. Since Vinay himself has suffered the struggling life, he will bring all such bitter but inspirational memories to the common people through this film. Though, the concept of the story itself belongs to him, he chooses himself as the Director and Producer of this movie that is written by Story Writer Sapna.

Under paper stone production limited, the essence of this film shows how the common man lives his life with lots of struggles even when they cannot fulfill the dreams of their family. They work hard in their whole life and made his life worthy for the sake of the society. The film will be based on the same premise.
This upcoming film has many other famous Bollywood celebrities’ who plays pivotal roles in this “men oriented film”.


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