Chandigarh, 19th December (Pooja Goyal):

Legrand India, a global leader in electrical and digital building infrastructure toured Punjab as a part of the – Legrand PowerEnergy +ve with the AdvantageYou tour. As a part of this campaign, Legrand showcased their entire range of energy effective solution starting from XL3 panel, Bus Bar, ACB, MCCB, Capacitors, MCBs, Modular devices, Industrial sockets and Green transformers.A total of four vans with Legrand’s Energy Efficient products iscovering close to 60 cities, 130 locations and over 20,000 kms over the span of three months. This is month Two of the tour.

The company has firmed up plans to acquire a bigger market share in the growing energy efficiency product category and wants to create awareness and active engagement amongst consultants and contractors on the range of products available with the company. The presence of these vans across cities will facilitate a deeper engagement with the customer, retail network, electricians. The vans will travel across all states – Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya PradeshChhattisgarh,Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal and Assam.

In North India, the van with the entire range of Legrand’s energy effective solution will be travelling and visiting locations like New Delhi,Panchkula, Baddi, Dehradun, Lucknow, Kanpur, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Bhilwara, Kota, Meerut and reach out to their stakeholders. The activity reinstates Legrand’s commitment to the Power Business and has been well received with customers across cities. Legrand has over 250 distributors in North region alone, with over 1000 all over the country.

Legrand is an active player in the Indian electrical market and their products have been used across industrial and residential clients with the idea of conserving energy. To reduce energy footprints and to improve living conditions and convenience, there is a need to develop solutions that optimise energy efficiency.Reduction of energy consumptions in building is the major factor in the fight against climate change. Government initiatives like Standards and Labelling by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) intended to reduce the energy consumption of appliance without diminishing the services it provides to consumers.

Mr. Sameer Saxena, Director, Marketing(Group), Legrand India said, “The Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) 2007, National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE) was developed by Government of India. The aim was toset minimum energy standards for new commercial buildings and to strengthen the market for energy efficiency by creating conducive regulatory and policy regime respectively. Legrand has vast product offerings in the electrical and digital infrastructure, across several business verticals; many of which highly technical. Being a market leader, the company has double responsibility to ensure that consumers use products that are environment friendly and conserve electricity. We hope this initiative will increase our connection with our stakeholders and will create learning on the need and availability of new age energy efficient solutions.”

Legrand India product range also includes Energy Management Solutions as a tool to calculate the energy losses and providesquality solutions to minimize losses. Our EMS helps to remotely monitor and audit the energy consumption and take corrective measures to improve energy efficiency.

Legrand India also plans to launch Green Transformers early next year. These Green Transformers will bring down the energy costs across various load conditions. An energy efficient transformer is very important because even at no or less loads, a transformer still consumes power to energise the windings.Focus on green transformers has increased over the past three years due to ECBC code from the Ministry of Power, all green buildings and  projects will eventually have to  start conforming to this. Legrand wants to actively tap this space and has an excellent product line to cater to this.

Legrand is world’s leading electrical and digital building solution provider company. Legrand enjoys leadership in premium wiring devices as well as MCB in Indian market. Its product is widely used across residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality industry.



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