Chandigarh 04 May (Pooja Goyal):

The tempo of Ex VIJAY PRAHAR has been building up for sometime. As the exercise heads towards culmination it was sharpening the saw time for the elite Special Forces of the Sapta Shakti Command. Already recognised as one of the best Special Forces in the world, they were employed in a lightening strike to destroy the enemy headquarters deep inside their territory. A body of over 100 highly trained troops were dropped from a height of well over 4 Km on a pitch dark night when own hands were also not visible to these troopers, over a territory they had only seen on the map with directions not to open their parachutes till they were barely 600 – 700 metres above the ground they fell like stones for close to 4 Km before they opened their parachutes and appeared suddenly in the middle of the enemy like ghosts from the sky. The enemy troops had not imagined anything like this in the wildest of their dreams.

After desrtroying the headquarters and eliminating the enemy, which although much greater in numbers, were too  paralysed to react, they vanished from the scene at the same speed at which they had come in. Only this time they had no aircraft to fly them back home them and they had to trek all the way home undetected by  the enemy which was still holding the front line defences.

Special Forces Combat Free Fall operations are very high precision high risk operations without any room for error – cost of the smallest mistake would be loss of life.   But  with tricolour in their mind and the country in their hearts – these commandos never learnt the spelling of the word fear.


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