Pooja Goyal

( Inputs by Neerat Kaur, Founder of The Wedding Historie)

Whether for wedding shots, stock images, or product photography, knowing what to shoot puts you at the top of the curve.Clients are always looking for something new. They are aiming at using images that others don’t have, as it makes their own products one-of-a-kind.
Personalised pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots will be one of the hottest trends in 2020. People are now gravitating towards stories and content that reflect true emotions and have an element of honesty. Fortunately, we have been the first ones to launch it in the wedding industry by filming the bride and the groom through the process of preparing for their wedding by capturing various landmark moments of their journey such as the girl trying her bridal outfit for the first time, the boy trying his outfit, the bride meeting the make up artist for a trial or the boy selecting the wedding ring for the girl. By clubbing these with candid and personalised video diaries and interviews with the couple, their families and friends, the final video turns out to be a beautiful narrative.
Similarly, post wedding films entail filming the important moments of a married couple’s life such as buying a new house, having a baby or celebration of an anniversary. Since stories of real people, shot in the right way not only strike a chord with the person watching it, but also gives the couple and their families a beautiful memory to cherish forever. For this exact reason, we have gone one step further into the domain of post wedding films with this approach and this trend is only going to grow in coming times.


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