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   Pledges for Sustainable Future with its Continued Pursuance to Harness Solar Energy

Chandigarh, 09, January 2020: Loom Solar, an emerging startup under Govt. of India’s Start Up India initiative and the leader in mono panelcategory, today introduced world’s most advanced IoT (Internet of Things) based Solar AC Module (Micro Inverter Technology)first timein India.This highly integrated smart grid ready AC Modulehas inbuilt 7th generation micro inverter from world leading manufacturerEnphase IQ7+ MicroTM that’s mounted on back-sheet of solar panels which is a plug and play option for large &small establishments &households.

In comparison to existing technologies, solar AC Module gives 230 Volt AC output at panellevel thereby increasing the efficiency of a solar system by 20%-25%.Such technology is slated to also reduce the overall installation cost by10%-15% in India. The IoT feature enables consumer to monitor, control and check panel level performance anytime anywhere and a single panel can generate the power of 375 Watt.

This highly integrated technology is all set to address the demand of addressing one of the larger agendas of supporting green power generation by harnessing solar energy thereby reducing per unit carbon footprint during power generation at household level.

Explaining on how each household can contribute towards more sustainable future with solar, Amol Anand, Co-Founder & Director, Loom Solar said, “The debate on global warming is something we keep hearing all the time and we hear opinions from all walks of life. With the introduction of this latest IoT based micro inverter based technology, Loom Solar is aiming to be an enabler and invites households how-so-ever big or small to take a step forward, embrace solar power and be part of this green technology.”

Amod Anand, Co-Founder, Loom Solar said, “We are at a cusp of technological innovation in almost all spheres of life and energy is one such sector. We are enthused to see the acceptance  & adoption of solar energy from the most urban to the deepest of the rural pockets of India. With over 1500 resellers across India, Loom Solar is ensuring that we must embrace the customers who wish to adopt Solar for sustainable future.”

Loom Solar has been working closely towards reducing carbon emissions and in the past 12 months has been able to reduce 5,25,000 mn tonnes of carbon footprint that’s the amount of carbon produced by Bhutan! This is about saving 7,000 trees, which translated to generate of electricity bills of household consumers 42 mn units.

Formula – 3500 kW installed in last 12 months, 1kW solar saves 154+ trees and prevents 20+ tons of CO2 emission,


7th Generation AC Module has Powerful features that can be most beneficial for homeowners. Such as

  1. [Net Meter Optional] – It can be setup at home without net meter if installed with envoy monitoring system.
  2. [Expandable] – It is an expandable, homeowners can make grid tie solar system even with one AC Module.
  3. [Panel Level Performance] – It has panel level performance monitoring; customers/homeowners can monitor its performance remotely.
  4. [Shadow] – It has partial shadow impact
  5. [Service Free Product] – It is 99% service free product, because it is IoT based technology system
  6. [Safety] – It is safer because when grid power will switch off, automatically AC Module will shut down.
  7. [Warranty] – 25 Years of warranty
  8. [Installation] – Any electrician can install this system quickly, because it is plug and play system.

About Loom Solar

Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd. is a start-up, a manufacturer of Mono crystalline solar panels and AC Module. It was started in year 2018 at Faridabad, Haryana by ex-Luminous executive Amol Anand& Amod Anand ex-HomeShop18 executive. Loom solar offers its products across India including villages through 1500 re-sellers with promised delivery within 3 days.

About Loom Solar

Founded in 2018, Loom Solar Pvt Ltd is India’s No. 1 Mono Crystalline solar panel manufacturer is one of the fastest growing startups in residential solar space having presence in more than 700 cities. Certified as a startup by Government of India, Loom Solar is headquartered in Faridabad, Haryana. Loom Solar is known for making high efficiency mono crystalline solar panels and Grid connected AC Modules. The Products of Loom Solar is made in ISO 9001:2015 Certified Factory based out at Sonipat, Haryana, Loom Solar offers widest range of solar panels from 10 watt to 350 watt. These panels are ROHS and CE Certified. Embracing Digital India, Loom Solar products are easily available across India and on ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and www.loomsolar.com


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