Ms Gunjan Taneja Gaur*

Sophisticated, sharp and spontaneous, Ms Gunjan Gaur is the tour-de-force behind the Alps Beauty Group. Having spent over two decades in the beauty industry, there’s hardly anything that she hasn’t done or achieved. A powerhouse of talent, she is a *World Record Holder in Makeup with the record of 345 make ups and Hairstyles in just 2 hours with the team*
She pioneered permanent makeup and has received Rajiv Gandhi award for the same by enhancing the looks of cancer patients.
Presently, she is known as India’s best Permanent Makeup Expert and the industry calls her the *Salon Management Guru*

*Ms Gunjan Gaur would talk about*
1. Various options in beauty as a carrier
2. How permanent make up can change life of people
3. CIBTAC courses in beauty which is valid in 35 countries available with Alps
4. Hiding white leucodema patches with makeup.


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