Pooja Goyal:
Sanghol /Chandigarh  01 Feb,
A 25 Member Delegation of National Liberal Club Commonwealth Forum U K  led by Trevor Peel visited Cordia group of Institutes . The delegation was here to promote commonwealth understanding between two countries and sharing ideas what commonwealth countries can do together in the field of education, business, networking etc, also promoting friendship between both countries was on agenda. Yesterday  the delegation met with Honorable Governor V P Badnore over lunch and visited Punjab Legislative  Assembly and met speaker of Punjab Assembly Rana KP Singh. Rana K P Singh interacted with delegation over evening tea.
 The  delegation included Ms.Emily Robinson,Dr. James Brown,Mr. Subhu Loganathan and others were welcomed by executive trustee Ms Urmil Verma and visited Sanghol village which is connected with the Codia Group of Institutes and Archeology Heritage, Harappan culture. To know more information of India’s Harappan civilization and Budha Stupa   the real India which resides in the village  be from the villagers, farmers,  tried to get to know the culture of India, especially the culture of Punjab.Student faculty of Rural background Of Cordia Institute interacted with   entire facility.The next day, on February 2 the delegation will visit to the heritage building sites by the Delegation in Shimla, to know the cultured there, still in the heart of every single person in India, especially in Punjab there is full information about Politics of the United Kingdom in the first meeting with this delegation and any NRI living in England. The question that comes to the heart of Indians is that what is happening in the UK in Brexit , due to close contact with Indians of Britain, all the people of Indian origin are concerned in political affairs. Such delegation will help to bring closer to both the  countries – Lord Diljit Rana. Every member of the delegation expressed his view on this occasion. An interaction session with students was also held. A colourful cultural programme was also presented by the school and college students. Present on the occasion were Air Commodore Z.R. Qureshi,Dr. Harish Chopra, Head Academics Dr S K Sharma , mr. Charanjit singh Gill, Dr LS Bedi, Dr Nutan Sharma ,Dr Sanjeev Modi , Dr Harjinder Singh, Mr. A D Singh.


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