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About Book: The book is based on the medieval period of Mughal Dynasty and the story is webbed around the legacy, regal lifestyle, conspiracies, and rivalries.A fictional work of 18th century it takes you through the events occurring in the life of  Baijirao Peshwa, the central character of the book.

The curtain opens with Peshwa residing in Pune, his new home and has moved away from Satara, away from the Chatrapathi. The story revolves around how the Nizam of Hyderabad along with the Maharana of Amber and the Mughal Emperor plot Peshwa’s assassination so that it is a big blow to the Maratha Confederacy and they can extend the rule beyond their borders.

The story also touches the edges of romance with the famed Rajkumari Mastani of Bundelkhand along with the Sikh Lord Amar Singh of the Khalsa territory and Chatrapathi Shahu playing rivalries on one side and the Mughal empire on the other.

Title: The title of the book ‘ The Peshwa: The War of the Deceivers’ is pretty direct as it clears the theme of the book through its heading.

Language: Though the book seems to be quite a tedious read the language and vocabulary used by the author keeps the reader addicted and easy to comprehend. The story is fast paced and at no moment while reading you will find it monotonous or stagnated.

Review: The story gives you a blend of regal essence along with suspense, drama and there are various twists and turns in the novel that makes it an exciting read. The author has very accurately and minutely set the plot for every character and each character sketch of each actor has been explained in detail along with his intentions. The storyline has been written in such a smooth flow that keeps the reader glued to the book as if he can visualize the scenes in front of him.


The book is an amazing read for people interested in historical stories and gets inspired by them. The book will provide you with a glimpse of the outlandish lifestyle of kings and how cumbersome it was to handle such a massive kingdom. The book gives a fair insight into the politics, romance, conspiracy, jealous, strength and strategy every ruler use to adopt for his sustainment and expansion.

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