Chandigarh 21 August (Pooja Goyal):
Today, there was altogether different view in the Chandigarh Press Club, 30 days ago, 118.9 kg Tushar Madan today won the target as he now weighs 101.2 Kg, becoming the winner of Biggest Weight Looser. In fact, five of the 160 participants of  the Contest Biggest weight Looser of Dr. Vibha of  Ojas were to be inclined with the maximum weight lossers so that they could persuade them to try to lose unnecessary weight in the right and safe way. On July 15, 2018, 160 contestants participated in Contest’s Season 2, all 30 days of fitness on the basis of exercise , Yoga, Power Yoga, Aerobics, Spa, Diet Plan based on Contestant Blood Group, under the supervision of Dr. Vibha  and her team. Plans were created and executed under their supervision. When the results came out, Tushar Madan beat all by loosing 16.7 kg , Chanchal  from 85.3 kilogram to 69, and 105.7 to 90,  in the second place. Fourth was  rhythm with  9.7 kilograms, fifth Radhika had lost 7.4 kilograms.
Dr. Vibha  has developed  a weight loss formula using   the old and reliable medical system of India,Ayurveda  in a unnecessary way, in a healthy and safe way, under the formula person is advised diet as per  blood group and based diet and exercise, yoga and spa treatment one can easily loose uptown 15-16 kg month without starving .She believes that excessive weight of the body gives birth to various types of diseases, including blood pressure, diabetes, coronary artery disease, which is the biggest cause of untimely death, and in Females hormonal imbalance, PCOD is common in  all overweight women That is, due to the spoiled sedentary  lifestyle. For these reasons, Dr. Vibha  has prepared such a combination of Diet and Exercise, Powerful Yoga based on the blood group, under which any strong will and disciplined person can lose weight according to their heights as soon as possible. Speaking on this occasion, Vibha said that I have just prepared a standard formula by mixing all the therapies that anyone can learn to control their weight. Dr Vibha runs chain of Fitness cum Diet Centres at Panchkula , Ambala , Zirakpur .


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