Panchkula, July 30, 2018 (Pooja Goyal) :

Brilliance World School, Sector 12 celebrated colours week for the toddlers of their school. The parents were provided with a schedule before-hand, which specified different colours for each day of the week. This enabled the school to maintain a vibe throughout the day and essentially impart the essence of each colour to the students. Each and every movement was in accordance with the colour of the day, from the dresses of the children to the theme of the drawings, to the colour of their lunches and to the games and rhymes.

“Our motive is to always help children indulge in creative activities, hone their capabilities, increase their knowledge and remain joyful” said Principal Niranjana Chatterjee.

The idea was to emphasis the significance of each and every colour provided by nature and to give children an opportunity to learn and enjoy numerous activities thoroughly, while being enveloped in the world of colours, throughout the week.


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