Chandigarh 4 June (Pooja Goyal):

Theatre Arts Chandigarh in Association with Department of Environment, U.T. Chandigarh staged the play Paryawaran Ka Vinash at Sector 34 Market and at Terrace Gargen Sector 33  on the eve of World Environment Day. Artist of Theatre Arts Chandigarh are celebrating World Environment Day by staging play on this occasion every year since last 18 years. The play was written & directed by Rajiv Mehta.

Emergency is declared in heaven as well as in Heaven, when suddenly hundred & thousands of people start dying with ill effects of pollution present everywhere on earth. God of Death Yamraj and his Chief Chitragupt who maintain the account of all good and bad deeds of every soul gets frightened. To stop this heavy rush of dead souls in Yamlok. Yamraj and Chitragupt makes emergency landing on earth to enquire that what wrong has happened. There first destination are hill stations of Shimla and Manali. Both of the are surprised to see that big mountains and green forests have been replaced by Huge buildings and hotels and huge devdhar trees are being chopped off.

On the other hand Lord Indra and Narad reach New Delhi the Capital of India where they are greeted with torrid hot waves and the temperature of 46°. The Body of lord Indra starts burning and in order to gets some relief he jumps in to the river Yamuna for a cold bath, but he found himself in thick Mud caused by the people by throwing all sorts of garbage, polythene and factory waste materials in the sacred river of the Yamuna. On the advice of Chitragupt Yamraj visits deserts area of Rajasthan, he is surprised to see that there is no rain since many years and people are paying Rs. 50/- for purchase of every bottle of water.

Disappointed and dejected their last hope, now rests on children, who will be the leaders tomorrow. Yamraj and Chitragupt visits a park where some children are playing. Both of them get huge shock when they see that children are wearing Oxyzen Masks while playing. Suddenly one child Rohin who forget his mask at home dies while playing. Yamraj enquires from Chitragupt that what was his age. He is told by Chitragupt that the boy has died in the age of 11, due to ill effects of pulluation, but his actual age of death written by Yamraj himself was 70 years. Hearing this Yamraj gets angry and throws all his anger and anguish on people of earth and orders them to keep strict control on increasing pollution in environment and to maintain natural ecological balance. On repeated request made by children Yamraj bring back to life dead child. All children promises Yamraj and Chitragupt that they will plant one tree on every birthday and will keep the environment clean. Yamraj. Chitragupt, lord Indra and Narad are happy and return to hell and heavens with Weir Mission Accomplished.

The artists who took part in the play were Yogesh Arora, Rajiv Mehta, Yogesh Tungal, Sunny Sandhu, , Sat Pal Singh,  Malkiat Singfh, Amit Kumar, Asha Saklani, Sukhwinder Kaur, Gaurav Sharma ,  Avdesh Kumar, Tejiinder Joshai , & Child Artists Kartik Mehta, Tanmaya Sehgal , Somil Mehta Ankit and Fardin Music & lyrics by Yogesh Arora.


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