Chandigarh 4 June (Pooja Goyal):

Punjab State Council for Science and Technology in collaboration with Natural Biodiversity Society has started a series of events to mark celebrations of World Environment day 2018 on theme ‘ Beat Plastic Pollution’. Under this series extension lectures were organized, rallies were conducted, exhibitions were set up etc. The team extending their reach to masses by organizing Cycle rally + Walk + talk session on Jun 2, 2018 at Sukhna Lake, Regulatory End.

About sixty people attended the event from diversified professions and skills. On this occasion Prof. Ahluwalia, Head, Botany Department, Panjab University highlighted the need to shun plastic carry bags and adopt cloth bags instead. Dr. Rajesh, Commanding Officer, Siachan enlightened the audience about need of the hour i.e. beat the plastic pollution.  He also cited example of Leh and Ladakh Area where the locals are collecting plastic waste and disposing it in a scientific way.

After the talk session team was divided into two. One team went ahead on cycles to take a round from Sukhna Lake to Capitol Complex and other took up a walk of regulatory end to sensitize people on stroll there.  The cycling team identified agricultural fields and bushes around Sukhna catchment area where plastic waste was scattered all around. Dr. Rakesh Mohindra proposed to initiate a cleansing drive in the area on World Environment Day.

Dr. Arun Bansal apprised that on Jun 5, 2018 the team is putting up an exhibition at Red Bishop, Sector 1, Panchkula and on the same date a cleansing drive would be taken up at Panjab University Campus.


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