Chandigarh 2nd May (Pooja goyal):

A reliable, economically competitive and environmentally sustainable electricity system is the cornerstone of a modern Indian society. The Fourth Industrial Revolution builds on the digital revolution and combines multiple technologies that are leading to unprecedented paradigm shifts in the economy, society and for individuals.

CSIR CSIO Chennai Centres “Energy Meter with Digital Communication” is one such technology which will serve as a revolution in the Indian smart grid industry. The developed smart meter uses state of the art technology for simultaneous scanning of three phase power and has extended provision to record, import and export (bi-directional) energy using sophisticated industrial protocols.

The technology know how of the meter was transferred to M/s Atsuya Technologies Pvt. Limited in the presence of Director CSIR-CSIO, Prof. R. K. Sinha on 30th of April, 2018 at Chennai Centre. Atsuya is an Indian startup R&D firm based out of Mumbai, specialised in cloud and sophisticated analytics to meet the challenges of modern Industries.

CSIR – CSIO Chennai Centre is currently focused in the area of energy instrumentation by taking and executing the projects on energy efficiency, energy monitoring, remote monitoring systems and renewable energy. CSIOs Chennai centre has developed and technology transferred many industrial solutions like Energy Management System, Pump and Motor Efficiency Monitoring System, Power Quality Analyser, Portable Energy Audit tool etc. in the last two years.


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