13th T.F.T. WINTER NATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL 2018 “Suchetak Theatre Group” Presents Street Play “Dhuan Dhuan Zindagi” On 27th February, 2018

Venue – At Sector-17, Plaza at 1pm, Student Centre, P.U. Chandigarh at 2 pm.

 In Chandigarh, on the initiative of the theater for theater, is the largest theater festival in North India.  In this 30 Days National Winter Theatre Festival, Suchetak Rang Manch Mohali is also incuded to perform a street play “Dhuan Dhuan Zindagi” at sector-17, Plaza near Neelam Theatre, Chandigarh.  So that the people in the surroundings could be easily invited for the 30 days Theatre Festival organized at Bal Bhawan, Sector-23. This street play is written and directed by Shabdeesh and questioned about Social menace in the society.  In this street play, Shabdeesh, Veerpal Kaur and talented artists are also participating, Sukhamn Sidhu, Nivesh Sharma and Rajit Bains, who have completed their acting courses from Suchetak School of Acting.

The Story of the drama revolves around the educated couples.  Husband is addicted to drugs, smoking and curing.  His wife is pregnant and she always trying to save him from smoking but due to the victim of male dominated society the husband isn’t listening to her.  One of the main reasons behind this outlook includes his friend circle also, for which the meaning of the ‘Mardangi’ can be only disrespecting a women.  The dialouges of his friend-circle shows various aspects of the behavior prevailing in our country and society which also includes the arrangements of alcohol and beer bottles for the evening by playing with the innocence of others.

In this play, the husband’s father is addicted to Hookah and Tobacco from last 40 years and at the last age of his life he is diseased by ‘Mouth Cancer’.  By refrain for the expenses on his father’s treatment the younger brother comments bitterly on it, which exposes the individualist’s culture of modern era.  The drama touches its heights when due to passive smoking, a handicapped child is born and the drug addicted father also dies.  That time the husband realizes his mistake and apologizes for his mistakes to his wife and says they both will look after their child together.  That time the angry lady states her decision to his husband that only she will look after her child, because the husband himself is only responsible for the disability of their child.


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