Chandigarh 20 January (Pooja Goyal)

An international conference on “Strategic competency mapping for Talent Management and Retention” was conducted on 18th_19th January, 2018 under the convener ship of Prof. Deepak Kapur, Prof. Luxmi and Dr. Kulwinder Singh, University Business School, Panjab University ,Chandigarh. Key people present were Prof. Meenakshi  Malhotra, Dean of University Instructions,Panjab University; Prof. Deepak Kapur, Chairman, University Business School ; The Chief Guest Mr. Ashwani Prashar ; Key Note Speaker Prof. K Ravichandren ; Guest of Honour Mr. Anil Kumar.

The conference was started with PU anthem and lamp lightening by the key guests present at the event. Prof Deepak Kapoor, Chairman of UBS, Panjab University gave the welcome address to all the guests, faculty, participants and students present at the event highlighting that the talent management is the major area of concern for today’s HR. He also felicitated the key people present at the conference. This was followed by the presidential address by Prof. Meenakshi Malhotra, DUI, PU. She laid emphasis on defining competency and how competency mapping can be an advantage to the organizations for managing employees in different areas – career planning, training need analysis, performance appraisals etc. Followed by this, Mr Ashwani Prashar, address the audience initiating by saying that today’s world is moving from VUCA to disruptions. These disruptions, primarily due to technology, are transforming the HR functions at workplaces which is going to be more digital and flat in the coming future. He laid focus on the 3 key competencies a person must have – learn, unlearn and new learn. Organizations must build an environment to develop these 3 competencies by creating a positive energy environment and capitalizing on the strengths of the employees in the organization.

Conference on 19th January started with panel discussion chaired by Vice Chancellor Prof. Arun K. Grover. There were Five Panelists (Mr. Rajan Rharma, Head HR, Reliance Petrolium Limited; Prof. Sukhpal Singh, Director General CRRID;  Prof. Jaswinder Singh Brar, Centre for Economic Change, Punjabi University Patiala; Ms Richa Jaswal, Head HR, Apcer,  life Sciences;  Dr. Sandhya Gupta, Head Department of Mental Health Nursing, College of Nursing, AIIMS, New Delhi) presented views on the issues ranging from skill gap, upgradation of course curriculum, education planning and policy at national and international level for meeting leading challenges in emerging employee-employer relations. Prof Sukhpal Singh emphasized the issue of adverse selection and moral hazard problem which is generally happening in most of the organization which has far reaching implications for the organization particularly recruiting and retaining talent in business organization. Further Dr. Sandhya Gupta emphasized that feelings of the employee needs to be taken care of by the organization to retain them in the long run.


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