Chandigarh, December 6 (Pooja Goyal):-

The water supply & sewerage disposal committee of MCC under the chairmanship of Sh. Satish Kainth visited the site of Phase 5 & 6 water pipeline being executed at Jandpur and sector 39, water works. The committee members were including Sh. Arun Sood, Sh. Devinder Singh Babla, Sh. Vinod Aggarwal, Sh. Jagtar Singh, Sh. Ravi Kant Sharma, Sh. Sanjay Arora, Superintending Engineer, Public Health wing and other concerned officers of MCC.

They inspected the work of pipeline being laid from Jandpur to Chandigarh. The officers informed the committee members that 90 percent of length of pipeline has been laid. The members also asked the officers regarding the completion of civil, mechanical and electrical works at Jandpur, and the officers apprised that it will be completed by March, 2018.

During the inspection of work at sector 39 water works, it was observed that about 50 percent of the work of water treatment plant has been completed and the construction of clear water tank & storage/sedimentation tanks are about 30 percent completed. The machinery for the work has also been ordered and will be received by January, 2018.

The officers informed that the delay in work of Jandpur due to the late handing over of the land by Punjab Govt. The councilors asked the officials to get the work completed by April, 2018. Any matter with the Punjab Govt. regarding electrical connection should be sorted out at the earliest to avoid any delay, the committee assured.

Further, the councilors were also appraised regarding the upgradation of water testing laboratory at sector 39 water works under AMRUT which will include purchase of new testing equipments and a mobile testing van for onsite testing of drinking water.


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