Chandigarh 18 nov, 2017 (Pooja Goyal):
The problem of antibiotic resistance is increasing at the devastating speed in today’s world. The microbes are becoming more and more resistant to the available antibiotics. The problem is further compounded by the fact that hardly any new antibiotics are in the drug development pipeline. With this scenario, soon it might become difficult to treat infections.
CAR, the organization named “Combating Antimicrobial Resistance” is holding various events for spreading the knowledge regarding the threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The special thing about this organization is that it is working at both the levels, at the level of the community to spread more information, and at the level of the healthcare professionals to formulate means of tackling the growing menace of resistance. The antimicrobial awareness talk was held at the Guru Teg Bahadur Public School, sector 15, Chandigarh on 10th October wherein about 100 students were sensitized about this issue. The next event was held on 28th October wherein critical care specialists  from different hospitals of tricity  discussed the ways to control resistance with Prof. Johan W Mouton from Erasmus University, The Netherlands.
As part of the WHO Antibiotics Awareness week 13-19th Nov) another awareness campaign was organized at Guru Nanak Public School, sector 36, Chandigarh wherein the students, teachers and other staff of the school were sensitized regarding the proper use of antimicrobials. It was emphasized that if the antibiotics are not used carefully today, then we may not have any of these “magic bullets” left for future. Today being Children’s Day, CAR would not have missed the opportunity to share this valuable and important knowledge regarding magic bullets with 100 plus children of our city. Besides the animation shown to the students, CAR organised a slogan competition also, and will distribute 3 best prizes from three classes’ students who enthusiastically participated in this event. Prizes will be distributed next week by Principal once CAR team members have thoroughly gone through enthusiastic students’ slogans.


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