Chandigarh 26 july (Pooja Goyal)

Satyug Darshan Trust (regd.) once again  has organized International equanimity Olympiad from 3 consecutive years.

This unique international equanimity Olympiad which is based on humanity and moral values is applicable for the students of class 9th to 12th in all the schools of tricity including private and govt. schools with the approval of DCSE Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh.
Through this unique exam the students are motivated to become a good human-being by adopting the state of equality. So that to remain humane in a dignified way the students can introspect and rightly assess their own level of morality. This way, understanding the importance of development of good human character and perfect human personality through self-control one can become a good and noble human-being.

This unique Olympiad is based on MCQ in english and hindi languages both , and totally free of cost for children with the motive to create passion amongst the students to know the basic moral values and ethics towards the Humanity and behave accordingly.


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