Chandigarh, 24th July 2017 (Pooja Goyal)

An emergency meeting of GTU was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Vinod Sharma. President, Ms.Santosh Dhull discussed latest problem faced by  govt school teachers of UT CHD. DEO has issued a letter in which all the teachers are ordered to prepare question papers for the September exams in typed form on A4size sheets. Earlier teachers always submitted hand written papers which were got typed by concerned schools from private printers.The problem this time is that there are no computer teachers in schools as the whole faculty of computers has already been relieved, so teachers have to get the papers typed from private printers at their own that is very costly especially hindi, punjabi, sanskrit and bilingual papers. Some of the teachers have spent Rs 600-700 for typing of their papers.

Secondly, there are chances of paper leakage as all the papers will be printed in the government press.

Thirdly, teachers have to spend extra time to get the papers typed from private printers or they are preparing format for language typing as attached herewith.

Moreover, teachers are given 3days time to prepare 3-4 question papers  which is insufficient time as a teacher can’t do justice with the students.


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