Pooja Goyal:

Slum stars is the story about kids who dwell in the slums. The production of the film  has been done by Audio Lab Media Corporation Forward Films Chandigarh. The language of the movie is hindi. The shooting of the movie has been done in punjab. The movie star cast includes Abhiraj Thakur, Chiragdeep, Ridhima and Yashwan Chopra will show you the innocent feelings of children. Harry Sachdeva, Balkar Singh Dhillon, Survinder Vicky. All these actors are experienced and people already know their acting skills. Executive producer of the film is Mr Sandeep kausik & pen down by Mr Anshwer chopra

The film is about a gang of innocent kids who lead troubled lives in slums . Ghutan, a local don and his keep Surma use their terror to sell those kids. Ghutan is controlled by Swami ji, who by his religious discourses mesmerises his followers but in reality is a crook. Ghutan and Swamiji are actually puppets in Netaji’s hand who is the biggest cultprit. These kids decide to run away when Gudiya becomes a victim of sexual exploitation. They somehow reach a village in rajasthan where they meet a ghost. The Ghost then helps the kids to teach Ghutan, Surma, Netaji and other criminals a lesson through his powers.

The melodious music of the movie has been given by Asheem Mangoli. The Slum Stars is focused on real life. Movies Based on Real Life are hard to produce and Direct. Both Sandeep Singh Bawa(Director) and Harpreet Kaur Dhillon (Producer) have worked hard.So it will be interesting to watch their hard work in The Slum Star Movie. Although movie will be releasing in Hindi, but punjabi language audience  is equally excited to watch this movie.

The Slum Stars Movie is all set to release on 7th July 2017.


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