Chandigarh, July (Pooja Goyal)

Biorisk Management Trainer Development Program (BRM-TDP) for capacity building of
faculty from Biological Science concluded on June 30, 2017.The training was conducted
in collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories, USA. This is the fifth workshop
being conducted by Panjab University on Biorisk management with lead trainer Dr Cecelia
Williams, Principal member of Technical Staff of  International Biological Threat
Reduction programme at Sandia National Laboratories, USA along with Dr Lynn Fondren.
The workshop was attended by ten faculty members who have already done the foundation
course on Biorisk management. The workshop will enable the participants to further
disseminate the know how of lab biosafety, lab biosecurity and biological waste
management to the students, researchers and other faculty members at their work
place.This assumes importance as lot of research is carried out on  microbial pathogens
and other biological materials. This workshop would have a positive impact on community
and environment in the long run as biorisk management means safety of one and all.


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