Pooja Goyal:

Seminar on DEPRESSION & STRESS MANAGEMENT FOR HEALTHY LIVING organized today by INSPIRE at PU UIET Campus. At the outset, Sh. J.C.Verma, Chairman, while welcoming the Chief Guest and Guest Speakers and participants, highlighted the twin aims and objectives of INSPIRE, how it was working for the growth and development of this working class of professional Secretaries, and also helping them and taking care of their well being keeping in view of their very strenuous hard duties and  responsibilities for 24 hours, even at odd hours Saturdays/Sundays and holidays at the cost of their family responsibilities, creating a lot of stress and strain on their minds which some time lead to depression because of burden of multifarious unending unwritten tasks. Keeping this aspect in view the theme of the seminar and it was going to help them relieving from this stress and strain.

Dr. Renu Vig, Director, UIET presided over the event as Chief Guest. She lauded and appreciated the role of INSPIRE for the growth and development of this professional class of working Secretaries and sharing their problems and helping them working in a healthy environment by mitigating their stress and strain putting extra burden on their minds. She commended the steps taken by the Executive Council of INSPIRE under the leadership of its Chairman-Sh.J.C.Verma.

The key Guest Speakers- Smt. Komal Singhvi and Shri Varun Upadhyay, Trainer Teachers of Art of Living and subject experts of stress elimination and mind management through meditation and yoga, highlighted the causes of stress and strain which was due to mental and physical disturbances and all diseases of adults and addiction among children were the result of stress and strain. They taught the participants and imparted training and skilled them how to keep away from stress and strain and separate them from guilts, fears and worries and remain relaxed and undisturbed despite of everything wrong.

The Seminar ended with vote of thanks by its patron Sh. DMS Bedi with the service of lunch to all the participants


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