Chandigarh, July (Pooja Goyal) : 

On persistent demand from the residents of EWS/LIG houses of Sector-40 C, and in the interest of public service  for construction of car parking in place of existing 288 cycle sheds (out of which a majority  are lying vacant) in Sector-40C, Chandigarh,  the Board has decided to conduct a demand survey.  Therefore, all the residents of EWS/LIG Housing Scheme Sector-40C are requested to submit their request in the prescribed Performa/application along with ‘Registration Money’ of Rs.10,000/- to enable CHB to take a  final decision on the issue.

  1. i)The Performa /application form can also be down loaded from the CHB website or obtained from CHB Reception office Block-‘C’ CHB Office Complex, Sector-9, Chandigarh.
  2. ii)The consideration money already taken from the owners of Cycles/Scooter Sheds shall be refunded.  In case no option is received from the owners, further decisions shall be taken based on a majority view,& which will be binding on the owners of Cycles/Scooter Sheds.

iii)   Final decision will be taken by the Competent Authority depending on the total applications received in this demand survey.

  1. iv)Registration money should be deposited in the shape of Demand Draft in the name of Chandigarh Housing Board, Chandigarh or the applicant can deposit the same online through RTGS in CHB Account No.10413593032of State Bank of India, Sector-9 CHB Office branch, Chandigarh.
  2. v)In case sufficient demand is not received, the registration money will be refunded to the applicant.
  3. vi)  The last for submission of application is07.2017.


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